Choosing the women

I’m strong and don’t let anyone or anything get me down. I know temptation and sin and the nature of evil but none of these can harm me. My courage never abandons me, justice tells me what to do and faith enlightens me. The journey I have chosen is long and arduous but will bring good so I will travel it in its entirety. Many things have tried to stop me, fear, insecurity are always close at hand….but I always know what to do, even when things get tough I understand which voice to listen to: that of the good that calls me. Virtue is eternal and stronger than any sin, I am VIRTUOSA.

I don’t always follow the rules, every so often I like to change course or go off on a whim. How boring it would be to do the right thing all the time! I don’t aspire to perfection, nobody’s perfect and trying to be is simply an illusion. I like those exceptions that confirm the rule and I love my flaws too, as they are exactly what makes me unique. I’m not nasty…..simply curious. Don’t judge me too quickly or harshly, all I’m saying is that I prefer to feel a twinge of remorse rather than regret anything I do. The only way to resist temptation is by giving into it, something I know very well, which is why they call me VIZIOSA.

I’ve never been able to resist temptation, but rather I’ve always listened to my deepest desires and followed them, wherever they sought to take me. Ought I have asked myself if that was the right thing to do? Should I have stopped myself? The answer is no. I knew I’d have come across difficult pathways and I wouldn’t have been able to go back, but I simply carried on. I misbehaved, I didn’t follow their laws, and I’d do it all again. I’ve no regrets. I went to hell for what I did. I was punished by God for my choices but in my heart of hearts I still feel they were right. I can’t live my life giving in to the wishes of others all the time – for this reason I will always be DANNATA.

I could recognise his eyes from a thousand. In those eyes, where I recognised myself, which won me over and that I myself won over, I see happiness. I was frightened at the beginning, how can you bear such a strong sentiment? And is he the right one for me? But fear was powerless in the face of the flame that warmed my heart. I have no doubts, I no longer wonder what will happen, because now I know that there is someone by my side that I can trust, someone who loves me and whom I love. My sun has swept away all doubt: with just one embrace I discovered an infinite sweetness and with just one kiss, a desire that will never die, from that moment and forever more, I am INNAMORATA.”

Have you ever seen the sea crashing onto the rocks? I am made of the same force as those waves, it is their determination that drives me. Even rock will bend to the persistence of the sea. I am the only one who really knows the value and steadfastness of perseverance: I never abandon my resolutions and I never leave things undone, I can’t allow it. Only the reckless allow themselves to be conditioned by haste, those who sometimes call me “stubborn”, those who simply let themselves be scared by responsibilities don’t know that commitment and effort will be rewarded with success. Dreams require a lot of effort and not even time will keep me away from my
desires because I am OSTINATA

What wall do you think can stop me? I am stronger than any stone you can use and I would even smash marble if it got in my way. Waiting? Hesitation? I don’t even know what they are. I run towards unexplored paths where few dare to follow me. I can’t be patient. When I want something I rush to grab it and I don’t stop until I get it. Many say I am too rash, impulsive. But it takes courage to be like me, to go straight to the goal without wavering. I only listen to what my instinct tells me and never a second time, because I am full of impulse, I am IMPETUOSA.